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One of the Village's primary initiatives is building and restoring a sense of community. There are many ways for you to connect and get involved!

 Get Involved

1)   Attend an Event:  One Tree Village hosts many events, most of which are offered on a donation basis. See our Events and Schedule page to learn more.

2)   Volunteer:  Do you feel like you have a skill or strength to offer your community? Maybe you just have a fantastic idea that you would like to see come to life!


We are looking for people to facilitate workshops, lead and mentor in the Maidens Circles; Earth Children; open new branches of Women's Circles, and handle various administration and organization tasks.

Occasionally, committees are formed to tackle certain larger events, such as the annual Women's Retreat. We are also open to new ideas and projects within the community and would love to incorporate more sharing of art and music at our events.

If you are interested in joining our team either long term or for just one event, contact us with your name, a brief background description, and how you feel you could contribute!


We recommend any potential volunteers first attend at least one of our events to see if One Tree Village is a good fit for you.

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