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Moon Gatherings

Join us for a time of sharing, healing, rest, growth, community, and celebration of the Sacred Feminine and Divine Masculine!
We have temporarily suspended our public gatherings and acceptance of new members until further notice. If you wish to stay tuned for announcements of when things begin again, please check back here, sign up for our newsletter on the home page or touch base personally with someone you know who is an active member.

About the Gatherings:


Our Moon Gatherings are held according to the cycles of the moon. We celebrate diversity and endeavour to provide a safe community of acceptance and non-judgement. All people ages 14 and up, of any culture, race, gender, spiritual tradition or belief, with the intention of loving and celebrating our individual differences in love and acceptance, are welcome to join.

Our evenings generally begin at 5:30 pm for potluck supper with circle/ceremony commencing around 6:30 pm. Participants may join for any portion of the evening they wish to.

* Please Note: Virtual circles on ZOOM without potluck, will open at 6:30 pm for chatting and circle will begin around 7:00pm

We usually open circle with a guided meditation, ceremony, and allow much time for individual check-in and council circle style sharing. At times there may be a topic of discussion presented. Often we will explore and discuss the energies of the current moon and astrology. Participants are welcome to bring handwork or crafts they may wish to work on while sitting in circle.


During our council style sharing circle, we collectively set the following four basic intentions as our goal, and work towards that to the best of our ability. These four intentions are: "Speak from the heart"; "Listen from the heart"; "Speak spontaneously"; "Speak leanly". Incorporating a 'talking piece' passed around the circle, each participant receives equal opportunity to share openly while the others simply listen openly. Participants are encouraged to bring forward any insightful or meaningful contributions to share with the group; or ask for support/response through conversation council from the group on any issue or topic they may personally be working through and wish input on. However, we ask that members resist any temptation to interject, offer specific 'unsolicited' advice, or pass judgment when another is sharing. There is never any obligation to share or speak when one's opportunity arises. Simply sitting in silence if needed, or passing the piece on is also warmly acceptable.  

These gatherings provide a special time of community connection and a retreat from the pressures of everyday life. Attending circle regularly can be a rewarding practice: it allows you to take time for self-care and self reflection, build relationship with people in your community, and grow in your personal spiritual or contemplative journey. These circles are offered free of charge, however donations towards our time and expenses are gratefully welcomed.

Registered Circle:

New Moon Women's Circles

Every month's new moon gathering is geared towards a safe and intimate sharing space specifically for women (and femme identified people also welcome). New Moon circles are reserved for those who have registered for that season. Registration is free of charge (by donation) and is only required in order to create a safe space within a limited small group circle. This allows for consistent intimate relationships providing trust within the sharing circle. It also provides opportunity to participate in a private messenger group including all circle members to connect together and/or reach out in between gathering times. Opportunities for members are available to take a turn in facilitating a particular moon circle, but it is not required.

Open Circles:

Full Moon Circle and Ceremony: 

Every month's full moon gathering is an Open Circle and is no longer limited to women only - any friends of One Tree Village ar invited! It is our intention to honour and celebrate the balance of Sacred Feminine and Divine Masculine and therefore invite men, women and all gender expressions to circle together with us. Whether you have circled with us before and just like the flexibility to drop in, or if you've heard of us from a friend and would like to try it out for the first time, we welcome you to come circle with us! Feel free to bring a friend too! No registration required.

Gift Draw:

Our gift draw, held on in-person full moon gatherings only, is meant to provide an opportunity for an exchange of energy within the community. Giving to meet the needs of another person is a great honour, but we also must embrace our ability to receive.

There are no expectations placed on the gift giving. If you have a small gift, product or service (gift card) that you wish to bring to benefit another, please feel free to do so. A previously loved and repurposed item in great condition, as well as a new, or home made item are all welcome. We ask each person attending, regardless of whether they have brought a gift or not, to place their name in a bag and we will randomly draw names to see who shall receive any items brought. If any gift items are left over, or if you draw an item you feel you or someone you know cannot use, they can then be donated to a good cause.

If you are interested in starting a new branch of  OTV moon gatherings in your neighbourhood, please contact Bev at


Physical circles we are located at: De Winton acreage, 10 minutes south of Calgary. 

Directions available HERE.

Cost: By donation. All funds go toward Village expenses and maintenance.


Public gatherings are temporarily suspended until further notice.


We are not accepting new registrants at this time.


What to bring:

-Food to share for potluck
-Journal or ceremonial items (optional)
-A gift for the gift draw (full moon only)

-Hand work or crafts to work on as desired

This is a welcoming and affirming community that celebrates diversity! Persons of all traditions, beliefs, origins, LGBTQ2S+, etc. are abundantly welcomed to be a part of these events.

We acknowledge these circles take place on the traditional territories of the people of the Treaty 7 region in Southern Alberta, which includes the Blackfoot Confederacy (comprising the Siksika, Piikani, and Kainai First Nations), the Tsuut’ina First Nation, and the Stoney Nakoda (including the Chiniki, Bearspaw, and Wesley First Nations).


PLEASE NOTE: Because of our limited facilities, we can no longer accommodate children at these events and on site 

childcare will not be available. If a lack of childcare is preventing you from attending the event, please contact us

and we will try to connect you with someone.

~We laugh together, tell stories, share ideas, dream.

~We heal ourselves and empower each other to rise higher and dig deeper.

~We focus divine energy, release fears, and set intentions.

~We pray and meditate finding the stillness within.

~We celebrate who we are as divine individual beings and discover the sacredness of our spirits.

~We remember the traditions and teachings we once knew, the wisdom that runs in our blood.

~We create a safe, sacred space for rejuvenation and strong connection, setting aside our daily roles, however chaotic or mundane, to once again ground ourselves deep into the warm soil of our Great Mother, the source of life and love.

Have a question?

Visit our FAQ page or contact us!

"I believe that these circles of women around us weave invisible nets of love that carry us when we're weak and sing with us when we're strong."

                     -Sark, 'Succulent Wild Woman'

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