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Maidens ' Circles

Please stay tuned for announcements of the next Maidens' Circle.
The time has come to introduce our young women into the circle...

About the Circles:

Maidens' Circles are especially for young females or femme identified genders, ages 10-14, pre and post menarche. Maidens will circle together with their peers and along with their mother/female mentor. This is a seasonal registered series that runs like a mini day retreat, once monthly on a selected Saturday from 10am - 4pm. There will be a summer season, where circles will be outdoors and in the tipi as much as possible, and a winter season where circles will be indoors in our cozy gathering room.

This circle has been created as a safe haven for the growth and mentorship of young females in the community. It serves as an introduction to the concepts of menstruation and physical changes, sisterhood, self nurturance, and empowerment. The program is specifically designed to include a mother/mentor to accompany each maiden. This helps to establish consistency of the concepts within the home and/or significant relationship for the maiden as well as providing community support for mothers/mentors.

Why is this important?

 We endeavor to provide opportunity for youth to be introduced to the concept of a sisterhood circle from a young age, being surrounded by mentors on many levels and from many stages of life. This way they will learn from the variety of skills and wisdom present, gather various tools, and build broad relationships in a diverse and secure environment.

Just as we mothers, grandmothers, sisters, and aunties seek strength and support from our village, we can help create similar webs including our young women. This network of support allows these maidens to go forth into womanhood feeling infinitely loved, a little less misunderstood and rooted within a garden of guidance, wisdom and friendship. Opportunity has arisen for our stories and knowledge to be passed down in this sacred space.


What we will do: 

The educational content of these circles is focused on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of menstruation, reproduction and becoming a sexual being as a natural and comfortable progression of maturing into female adulthood. The purpose of these circles is for self empowerment of the young maiden as they mature, as well as for self empowerment of the mother or mentor who is providing support. It is also about the building of relationship and support within a peer group of young females and as well as relationship with mature mentors in addition to mother.

Other than our primary focus of physically becoming a young woman, our activities and topics* will vary by season, and according to the ages and needs of the group, but may include the following:


~ Cycle charting

~ Journaling

~ Self care

~ Teaching of basic skills: basic sewing, crafting, baking, cooking, nutrition, fire building, herb identification

~ Connection to the seasons and cycles

~ Connecting with Mother Earth

~ The importance of Moon and how to connect with her

~ Changes of our physical bodies and cycles towards womanhood

~ Reproductive anatomy and physiology

~ Sexuality

~ How our physical changes interact with our emotional, mental and spiritual self

~ Feminine menstruation products

~ Menarche ceremony and celebration

~ Friendships and relationships

~ Intuitive painting

~ Emotional awareness and release

~ Yoga and breath work

~ Chakra and energy body connection

~ Herb walks, herbal remedies

~ Astrology

~ Building your personal toolkit: tea blends, natural hygiene products, sage/smudge bundles, sleep pillows, sacred scent, etc

~ Salt bowls and sisterhood

* Please note that the leaders, mentors and likely any guest leaders, of this program are not medical professionals. Any information provided is from personal experience and self learned; is purely for educational discussion; and endeavors to point participants towards their own self awareness.

If you are interested in being involved in the program as a circle leader or sponsor, please contact Bev at

Ages: Young females and femme approximate ages 10 - 14 years (Those younger, who are very mature, have already experienced, or seem to be very near, menarche are invited to join at parental discretion)

Location: De Winton acreage, 10 minutes south of Calgary. Directions available HERE.

Cost: Suggested donation: $180 per season at beginning of season or $40 per month for 5 months, for a total of $200

(includes 5 full day mini retreats full of pampering, crafts, connection and learning)

It is our desire that no one be excluded because of financial situation. If finances present an obstacle to attendance, please discuss options with Bev! We have a bursary fund available to assist those in financial need.

Likewise, if you wish to contribute to the bursary fund to assist others, your gifts will be gladly accepted.

Payments can be made by e-transfer to or by cash or credit card in person.


Please stay tuned on announcements for the next Maidens' Circle


Please stay tuned on announcements for the next Maidens' Circle

Please direct any questions to Bev at

This is a gathering that celebrates diversity; all traditions and beliefs are welcome!

PLEASE NOTE: Parents/guardians are asked to participate with their children as per the nature of the program, and are required to stay on-site during events unless specific arrangements have been made otherwise.

"I believe that these circles of women around us weave invisible nets of love that carry us when we're weak and sing with us when we're strong."

                     -Sark, 'Succulent Wild Woman'

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